IBM Bladecenter 2880W Power Supply Breakout Board

  • $64.99

Requires 208v-240v

Power supply is NOT included, you will only receive a breakout board and power board.

When used with IBM 2880w power supply this can power:
  • 2 Antminer S9, S7
  • 2 Antminer R4
  • 5 Antminer S5
  • 8 Antminer S3
  • 2 Avalon 6
  • 2 Zeus Thunder X3

Can support up to 20 14 awg 2 wire PCIe cables.

The IBM Bladecenter H 2880W power supplies are among the largest, commercially available, high-efficiency power supplies available in today's market. Compared to typical off-the-shelf ATX power supplies, cost savings run between 60-80%! Compare 80+ Platinum ATX PSU's in price per wattage and find out for yourself. Fan packs are included, PSU's just need to be plugged in to 208V AC power.