Dell 750w/1100w/1600w/1850w/2000w Breakout Board DITM-20P-20-16-11-75

Deep In The Mines LLC

  • $39.99

This board is compatible with the following Dell models

(If the model you plan to use this board is not on this list please contact us before use)

Dell 750W Power Supply: 06W2PW

Dell 1100w Power Supply: 0GDPF3, 0NTCWP, 09TMRF, L1100E-S0

Dell 1600w Power Supply: 095HR5

Dell 1600w Power Supply: 0TRM9N

Dell 2000w Power Supply: 0960VR

Dell 2400w Power Supply: 0J1CC3, 0CXC2T

20 PCI Breakout board

"Auto on" mode power supply will automatically turn back on in the event of a power outage.

"Sata on" mode is for powering on and off sync with a ATX desktop computer power supply.

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